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What Makes You A Great Guildmate?

Expectations of what makes a good guild mate vary greatly guild to guild, but here are a few things to keep in mind. We consider all of these attributes fundamental to being a great teammate

1. Aid at least twice per week, more often is encouraged – giving aid not only benefits your mates by ensuring their productions are increased, but also often offers protection from plunder and enables bonus productions on special event buildings. In addition, the aider receives coins for their trouble (always valuable) and a shot at a BP from whatever age building you motivate/polish. Aiding is a standard way to assist your mates and yourself.

2. Help mates raise GB’s in the mud – it’s an excellent display of teamwork to help our mates raise their new GB’s. Typically, 1-2fps (more if desired) contributed by each guildmate will raise most GB’s. Helping our mates grow strong (and sometimes benefit the guild with fighting/treasury GB’s) is essential to building a good team!

3. Trade fairly and assist with trades when/where possible – assisting mates with trades is another great way to help grow a strong team and be a good guildmate. We all appreciate our trades being taken, allowing us to advance in many ways. We should all do what we can to assist in this and keep our guild in-house strong in goods whenever possible.

4. Complete a minimum of the 1st tier of the Guild Expeditions each week – unless you’re brand new to the guild (less than 6 weeks in Iron/EMA), this should be easily doable. We are happy to support our mates with trades and advice to meet the requirement and exceed it on weeks we have significant competition.

5. Contribute 1fp/day to specified Observatory for the guild treasury – Obs is a 100% selfless, for the guild only GB. It has a small footprint and is cheap to build. Our 1fp/day contribution initiative allows us to both boost the treasury and help mates secure the elusive prints to build them. We offer a primary and secondary Obs so that we can all boost the primary and, when it gets close, those who have Obs move to the secondary to allow those without to easily/cheaply place in rewards spots.

6. Support team GVG efforts in whatever way best suits your style & ability – there are many ways to support your team’s efforts on the maps. Be it fighting or farming, even via mobile!

7. Support the guild treasury in times of dire need – should the need arise, your guild leaders will let you know where goods are most needed.

8. Advise your guild leaders if you are going to be away for more than 7 days.

5 Responses to “What Makes You A Great Guildmate?”

  1. Nosnhoj1208 says:

    Everything you are saying is what I am preaching and saying to my Guilds. I am hitting them with these same facts less & more and us 1% that do these things can raise up Guilds one by one.
    Funny to see people play for years, never change or want change, place every GB and building won, and not Learn about a game they play daily.
    Thanks and contact me!

    • Saknika says:

      It’s truly amazing what can happen when you have a team of guild-minded individuals. What server/world are you in?

    • Kendalynmykelle says:

      Great point. Like I’ve been learning most play the slow steady way
      They level their gb’s play some in GE then go to bed. There is a fast way
      To level and get ranking points. Fight neighbors every day , play Ge to the fullest
      Your ranking points will soon pass your leaders, plus the free medals you win
      From the PvP. I passed both my founders by like 6 million
      Ranking points, and they never asked me how I did it. Complacent Play is
      The death of true fun in the game


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