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FP Swap Thread Instructions

It’s very important that you understand how the FP Swap Thread works before ever posting a GB to it. This is to ensure that no loss occurs to any member and to ensure that all members can post and pay in confidence, knowing it will be returned in kind. Trust is an extemely important quality, that must be maintained, upheld and protected within our team. If we cannot trust in each other in good faith, we have nothing.

Should a problem occur, if there is confusion, or mix up, please stay calm and report to a leader who will address your concern. If there is no leader about and you both feel comfortable, you can sort it amongst yourselves in a civil manner. Should you be found to have made a mistake, like posting to the wrong GB or person, or totally omitted a payment, the onus is on you to rectify this mistake. It is very important you work with us in this manner to fix this problem. Not paying your dues or not making attempts to rectify discrepencies on this initiative can lead to dismissal from the guild.

The aim of the FP Swap Thread is to help boost the levelling of GBs. Basically it helps members to gain random FP Swaps.

To avoid cross over and two people paying to the same GB. You should ALWAYS post your GB first, then go and pay to the GB of the member who posted last. Please make sure to donate immediately to that GB after posting.

You can attach the GB you want FPs contributed to, by using paper clip on the bottom right corner of the message system.

The next member to particpate will then deposit their FPs to your GB and post their own. And So On!

Working Example:
You open the thread and see that Jane has already posted her GB. Her GB is next in line.
You have 5 FPs that you want to swap, so now you post your GB to the FP Swap Thread. Then you put 5 FPs to Jane’s. Make sure you are doing the right GB.
The next contributor does the same, Posts his own GB preference for the next 5 FPs and deposits to your GB in return.

7 Responses to “FP Swap Thread Instructions”

  1. gridflash says:

    What do you do if a guild mate doesn’t post the FPs when they add their GB to the swap list?

    • Saknika says:

      Contact a leader or founder of your guild to let them know what happened, and/or contact the person who did not add FPs to your GB and politely ask that they do with something like “I noticed your GB after mine in the swap, but did not see you put the FPs into my GB. Could you kindly do so to correct this matter?”

  2. YARZS says:

    there is no clear instruction anywhere on HOW TO CREATE THE SWAP THREADS 2, 5, 10, FAIR TRADE ect.
    please help as i nhave created a guild for this single purpose. After have joined over 10 different guilds on a particular server and not one of them had active swap threads

    • Saknika says:

      Hi Yarzs,

      To create the swap threads, you create a message that is sent to all your guild. You’ll have to add in new mates/remove mates that leave for thread maintenance. Simply label in the title how many FPs will be swapped (and any other restrictions you want, some do treasury-GB only threads or such as well), and then you state that the first person to list a GB gets free FPs to kick it off (has to start somewhere). Beyond that it’s just never-ending unless you want to end it and then one person (usually a founder will take the fall) doesn’t get FPs swapped back.

      As far as fair trade, that’s usually done on good faith unless otherwise noticed. You just have a thread with all mates that they can post trades they need taken for quests, or research, etc. If you spot a trade that isn’t fair you have to contact the mate to follow up and get things corrected.

      Sounds like you ended up in guilds that overall weren’t active. I know in our guild the swaps are VERY active, but so are our mates and the guild in general. Typically though with a more active guild comes more requirements. Perhaps that has been part of your struggle. I wish you luck in your own guild, just know that even though it’s your own, that doesn’t mean the swaps will be active. You need active mates for active swaps. 😉

      Best of luck! I hope this clears it up for you.


  3. Gruz says:

    First group gets the reduced cost for the level. This may not be good way to level GB s if you are BP starved since like you said you don t get other rewards but it is guaranteed FP savings where as in regular swap threads you have risk to not gain anything or have to be checking in constantly.

  4. Barry says:


    I’m looking for instructions on how to post a GB to the swap thread. can you point me to a guide?




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